Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Needs Nostradamus or Tarot Cards?

All those surprised raise your hand…As I have been saying since December 4, 2011, Jose Reyes wouldn’t finish his contract with the Marlins. I originally figured he would be shipped out after year 3. I was wrong. He was shipped yesterday, along with Mark Buehrle, Josh Johnson, John Buck, and Emilio Bonafacio to the Toronto Blue Jays. All that is pending is the owner’s commissioner’s approval. That is nothing more than a formality.

As I said last year:

“Now, do I think Jose made the right move? No I don't. The Marlins usually sell off parts after a few years, and Reyes' contract is being reported to not have a 'No Trade' clause.”

The Marlins have made huge splashes two off-seasons in a row. Last year for signing Ozzie Guillen as manager, Heath Bell as closer, Jose Reyes as SS, and Mark Buehrle as a starting pitcher. Not one of them will see year two as a Marlin.

The people of Miami , all 4 fans of the Marlins, should be outraged. Loria, which has become synonymous with FRAUD, should be taken to task by MLB, but that won’t happen. He was allowed to abandon his franchise in Montreal (Expos) to take over the Marlins. The club then went on to defeat the Yankees in the ’03 series, but the following year they had a fire sale.

This year’s fire sale comes after a last place finish, not a World Championship. Loria held the city of Miami hostage in getting a new stadium, and now he is selling off his best parts. Once again Loria hood-winked MLB and the people of south Florida, and like in the past, will most likely get away with it.

I am glad Reyes is out of Miami, but sending him to Toronto will not be good for his career. Playing on turf 81 games a year will not help his chronic hamstring problems.

My suggestion? Yes I have one:

Mets offer Daniel Murphy, Lucas Duda, and Jordany Valdespin to Toronto for Reyes. Reyes goes back to being the Mets SS and Tejada can move over to 2B which I have always  believed he is better equipped to handle.

In other news today, Mets knuckleballer RA Dickey will find out this evening if he is the 2012 NL Cy Young Award winner. Personally? He is the NL Cy Young winner hands down. Now will the BBWA agree? Time will tell.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

people in South Florida are on the hook for 2.4B when its comes to there share of that new stadium that will now house a non competitive team...Loria should be shot..