Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mets on SNY this spring starting Saturday

We dont have to go another weekend with out some type of Mets baseball.  I admit I have been with with the family and our little one and have not watched 1 episode of cold stove this off season. I will thought try to get some time in front of the TV this weekend when the Mets will be on the air !  

Will be good to see Gary, Keith and Ron and here there take on the lackluster off season.  It will be interesting to see what they say about the fact the Mets really have no OF to speak off.  Of course will be great to see Mex and see if he has his stache.  I have missed the trio and look forward to introducing them to my little one. Also will be cool to see Wheeler and some of the rooks pitch albeit it might be only for 1 or 2 innings.   

The SNY spring lineup is below.  

2/23/13 Nationals 12:10 p.m. SNY

2/25/13 Nationals 6:10 p.m. SNY

2/27/13 Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/1/13 Tigers 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/2/13 Marlins 1:10 p.m. PIX11

3/4/13 Braves 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/7/13 Marlins 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/9/13 Astros 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/14/13 Tigers 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/16/13 Marlins 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/17/13 Braves 1:10 p.m. PIX11

3/21/13 Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/23/13 Nationals 1:10 p.m. PIX11

3/24/13 Tigers 1:10 p.m. PIX11

3/26/13 Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY

3/27/13 Astros 6:10 p.m. SNY

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