Monday, May 13, 2013

Mets Brass Hearing Boos, Demote Brown, Sign Rick Ankiel: Mets Lineup Vs. Cardinals - May 13, 2013

For all who have enjoyed our site over the last (almost) five years, you have come to know this site as a coalition of die hard Mets fans, at times hyper critical, sometimes humorous, and brutally honest.

Now another adjective can be added to the list...prophetic.

The Mets today demoted Andrew Brown to AAA Las Vegas and have signed CF/RF and former starting pitcher - Rick Ankiel.

Ankiel, who was released by the lowly Houston Astros, is a very good athlete with a good arm (talking outfield only, not pitching), and has had some hits that have truly hurt the Mets. Ankiel not only was picked up by the Mets, but will also start tonight at St. Louis in CF. 

Ankiel came up with the Cards at the end of the 1999 season as a starting pitcher. Towards the end of '00, Ankiel couldn't hit the strike zone, or as my father would've said, "couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a handful of rocks."

Ankiel went to the minors, worked on his game, and returned to the pros as an outfielder.

As for the prophesy, back in 2011 I wrote:
"...If neither of these two candidates can cut the mustard, maybe the Mets should go after a short term fix like Rick Ankiel. Ankiel has a mutual option for 2012 with the Nationals. They might be able to land him. He is a good CF, much better defensively than Pagan, and can handle the bat. Get Ankiel for two years, and by that time, maybe Nieuwenhuis or den Dekker will be ready."
I like the move. Ankiel can't be any worse than those that have been thrown into the  mix in CF. Kirk Nieuwenhuis needs to get his head straight at the plate, den Dekker is still nursing a broken wrist and is expected back in about three weeks according to Adam Rubin, and then what? The Mets needed to do something now. This is not a long term fix; I believe it is until either Nieuwenhuis and/or den Dekker are ready to take over the reigns in CF, most likely not before the 2014 season.

Is this a knock against the much maligned Jordany Valdespin? Might be. Ankiel is a much better CF, has a much stronger arm, and runs very well. Collins will look to platoon Ankiel and Lagares in CF.

Tonight's Mets lineup Vs. St. Louis:

Mike Baxter - RF

Daniel Murphy - 2B

David Wright - 3B

Ike Davis - 1B

Lucas Duda - LF

John Buck - C

Rick Ankiel - CF

Ruben Tejada - SS

Jeremy Hefner - RSP

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