Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mets honor then beat Mario Rivera

Nice touch by the Mets having Johnny Franco catch Mario Rivera at Citi Field before the game last night.  Of course that is where the praise stopped and the Mets took the field.  

As usual the Mets could muster no offense for Harvey who only let 1 change up rise to Lyle Overbay .  That pitch was whacked into center field for hit and the Yanks had there 1 run.   

We had to endure Tejada getting picked off 2nd as well as stopping before catching a grounder up the middle since he thought Murph would get it.  Tejada this year has been horrible.  The Mets only have Quintilla at Las Vegas and he is doing well  The Mets think that they would lose him if they sent him down later in year to a waiver claim so we are stuck with no hits and now no fielding Tejada.   

as usual the Mets only had Murph and Wright getting hits last night. The Mets were able to get to Rivera in the 9th with 3 straight hits .  First time in his career in a save opportunity that Rivera didnt record an out.  A nice way for the Mets to win and save there bulldog Harvey from his first loss.  

Mets have won 3 game sin a row in there last abat...So at this point turn the game on in the 8th since your not missing anything offensively before that.!  Now off to the Bronx!

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