Monday, June 17, 2013

Capt Kirk wins it on a walk off

Been really tough to watch the Mets this year as all us die hards know.  Even for me I just cant sit night after night watching the Mets score one or 2 runs with 5 hits.  ZZZZZ  .  My partners in crime text me and ask are you watching this mess and I usually tell them I am busy with other things.  A 2 year old will do that to you.  

Of course yesterday being fathers day it was nice to see the Mets  wake up thanks to Carlos Marmol and the Cubs.  I mean you put this guy in and he is worse then Benetiz!   Capt Kirk who was hitting less then Ike Davis  (.097 ) clocked a 3 run bomb to give the Mets a walk off win 4-3.   This is after the hot hitting retread Marlon Byrd hit another of his 9th inning homers.   

Now the Mets head to Atlanta and the fans will probably turn on for Tuesday night with Wheeler pitching.  Will the Mets give the rookie some run support.  Probably not.  At least for 1 day we had something to celebrate!

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