Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mets Enter Winter Meetings In GRANDERSON Fashion

Yesterday Sandy Alderson made the splash he had been promising for the last year or so when he and the Mets signed former Yankee CF Curtis Granderson.

Granderson, who had an injury plagued 2013 season, did rake a lot of HR's over the last three years, and will fill a void the Mets have had...a power hitting outfielder.

What I like best about this signing isn't Granderson's power or outfield capabilities; what I like most about the signing is that it is only four years at $60M. This past week owners haven't shown the restraint they always complain about, and it was extremely evident with the ludicrous $240M contract Seattle shelled our for Cano, and the equally ridiculous 7 year $153M contract. Both are good players, but will be quite elderly when the contracts enter the 5+ year point, and the teams will be on the hook for aging former stars that have back-loaded contracts. Just ask the Yankees about Alex Rodriguez.

With Granderson's contract, it shouldn't cripple an already financially strapped team. As for Granderson, I was never in favor of the Mets signing him. I contend the Mets signed him more for the media attention to prove they would sign a free agent than getting the player the desperately need.

This team is in dire need of a SS and 2B (if they trade Murphy) 1B. I don't see Ike and Duda both being on this team come spring. One will be dealt, and if the press is accurate with the Mets thinking, Fearless Ike will be on the outside looking in.

The Mets can't stop with this transaction. The cannot go into 2014 with Ruben Tejada as their starting SS, which is a fate that appears to be more and more likely as the off-season progresses.

I wish the Mets would have gone after Carlos Beltran for a two or three year deal to fill the OF void. My reasoning is because Beltran

is still on his game, but he is a professional who has proven he is good with young players, and Juan Lagares would gain a world of experience from Beltran and the CF position.
Last night it was reported that Beltran signed with the Yankees, and although not surprising, it does hurt.

I will always look at Beltran as a Met, but he did wind up with the team he allegedly wanted to sign with back in 2005 when he signed a 7 year deal with the Mets.

The Mets look better today than they did two days ago, but they need to fill more holes. They might not all be filled this off-season, but progress has to be shown. Granderson, although I'm not thrilled with the signing, goes a way towards this goal.

The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings begin Monday, and the Mets will enter the meetings in Granderson fashion.

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