Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Niese Numbness: To NY For MRI

As has been reported all over the Twittersphere this afternoon, Mets (believed) opening day pitcher, Jon Niese is headed back to NY for an MRI because of a "dead arm" - believed to be caused by discomfort in his triceps on his left pitching arm.

Here we go Mets faithful - only a week into spring training and the Mets are already being bitten by the injury bug, which for most Mets is the DL bug.

Niese was slated to be the Opening Day starter in Flushing against Strasburg and the Washington Nationals. Bartolo Colon was/is expected to be the day 2 starter, but he is also not participating today due to tightness in both calves.

It boggles the mind how players can be injured before games have begun. More bothersome is the fragile health of Jon Niese.

As Bill Price tweeted:

The Bitter Bill is accurate in his tweet. Niese has been oft injured in his relatively short career. Just last year alone he had: 

  • A partially torn rotator cuff
  • Left shoulder tendinitis
  • Lower right leg contusion
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Source: Fox Sports

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