Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mets win ! Win a series in May!

Great weekend weather wise but not for the Mets as they couldn't beat the D Backs more then once.  So they lose to the Bucs on monday and fire there hitting coach. Somewhere in Seattle Ho Jo is laughing!  Ok yes they won the Yankee series but that was 2 games come on!

Now the Mets beat the Bucs the last 2 games and scored 5 runs at home for the first time since Ike Davis was still on the team.  Duda and Wright had homers.  Wright has all his homers at the friendless confines of Citi Field.  Lamar Johnson effecting this team already..  LOL    

Lots of Drama following the Mets these last couple of days but at least we have some wins as they head to Cheesesteak land for a 5 game set for the Phillies who are like the Mets and cant get out of there own way this year.   

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