Thursday, September 10, 2015

We bow to Cespedes

Hi all Kermit the frog here..    Back in the day couldn't go a day without posting here.  Heck couldn't go an hour..  Then twitter came along and short attention span theatre!   Well guess what..  We now have a legitimate team that could make the playoffs. 

All Hail Yoenis Cespedes!  He is the real deal and regardless if the Mets sign him in the off season or not he his here now !   

The Mets need to ride his coat tails to a Division Title!   Hear is hoping we have some playoff games at Citi next month!    Talk soon!


Jobu said...

I Love me some Cespedes

Jobu said...

We bow again. He has come home. Let's hope he is consistent throughout the entire 2016 season.