Friday, July 11, 2008

Jose Reyes Called Out For His Immaturity…

Scott Miller, of CBS Sports Line, has an article, “Anti All-Stars: The antidote to all that's right with the world,” in which he calls out many players, stating…

There is no voting for this All-Star team. Only pity.

There is no red-carpet parade.

Only red tomatoes, preferably rotten, carefully aimed.

National television? Maybe you'll find the lowlights on YouTube.

About Reyes, Miller says…

He's got talent. He's got speed. He's got pizzazz.

He's also got an infuriating case of immaturity.

The most egregious sin for anyone blessed with this much talent -- baseball player, pianist, painter -- is to not get the most out of it. Right now, that's Reyes. Sure, his numbers are respectable. But this guy has the tools to be great. And he won't put out to get there.

I was there in Anaheim when he threw a colossal fit on the field when interim manager Jerry Manuel removed him from the game as a precautionary measure to protect a mildly strained hamstring. It was the worst thing I've seen on the field since Jose Guillen threw a similar fit years ago while playing for the Angels.

Reyes embarrassed himself and the Mets organization with his petulant tantrum and helmet-flinging episode. Manuel handled it well behind closed doors later, but that didn't erase the very public picture of Reyes acting like a spoiled little brat.

It wasn't long after that he showed up Carlos Delgado when the first baseman failed to make a play on a borderline throw from Reyes at short.

Colorado's Troy Tulowitzki was considered after he injured himself while slamming his maple bat to the ground in anger and landed on the disabled list. But this year, Reyes is the obvious call. Grow up, Jose.

Regardless of Reyes’ stats, until he shows maturity, this will be a constant knock against the career of Jose Reyes. Was it part of the mind set of people voting for the All-Star Game ?

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