Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those That Got Away...

Tonight Newsday's David Lennon reports on some of the talent Omar Minaya was targeting before being shut-out.

Some, but not all players were:

  1. Jason Bay - Pittsburgh - now in Boston

  2. Raul Ibanez - Seattle - still in Seattle

  3. Arthur Rhodes - Seattle - now in Florida

  4. Manny Ramirez - Boston - Now in LA with the Dodgers

  5. Brian Fuentes - Colorado - still in Colorado

Minaya states the reason he didn't land these players, thus leading to their "getaway", is he felt the asking price was too steep. I am upset the Mets didn't land a much needed corner OF, but I am also glad he didn't mortgage the future for partial season rental.

Some of the players that the potential trading partners were:

  1. John Niese
  2. Fernando Martinez
  3. Carlos Beltran
  4. Eddie Kunz
  5. Bobby Parnell

Minaya will be actively searching the waiver wire the remainder of this season to try and land relief help and a corner OF. Players must pass through waivers before a trade can be made. Otherwise, a team may try and pick a player up off the waiver wire.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

it would have been nice to land someone to play the outfield, but like you said at least it didnt cost us the farm