Friday, July 11, 2008

What Should The Mets Do...Make A Trade ?

How’s this for an answer ? NO!!!

It’s not the time, yet. There are too many stiffs out there.

Friends ask me, should we go after Ken Griffey ? Or Richie Sexson ? NO!!! They are useless.

Why are we going to trade someone young, who has an upside, for a stiff that might hit 5 home runs and hit .250 and be done, at the end of the year ?

How about Xavier Nady, I’m asked ? At what price ? You think the Pirates will want El Duque ?

If he doesn’t have a no trade clause, ship him off. Here is an idea, give them something old, like we always seem to collect. Maybe give them back Perez, since he will leave the team, at the end of the year.

Don’t forget there is the still the possibility of Ryan Church being back, but I know that is a long shot !

What the Mets should do right now, is sit tight. Omar doesn’t need to jump the gun.

Let’s see what other teams might fold, in the next 2 weeks. Then, re-evaluate. Right now, we are fine. No need to mess up the clubhouse now, for an over the hill princess.

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