Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Couldn’t The Mets Trade For Josh Hamilton?

Let’s see, the guy has what 20 home runs and over 90 RBI's at the All-Star break ? Who on the Mets has that ? Nobody !!!! Oh yeah, I forgot he was a problem, and he has “issues,” yes, the Mets never have anybody that has issues, or is a head case? Isn’t that right, Keith? Doc? Vince? Brett?

Oh yeah, the new regime doesn’t want to deal with problems, that’s why they pick up guys like Moses Alou, who needs a wheelchair to play !!!

Hmm...maybe we didn’t have any prospects to pick him up ? Come on, the Reds gave him up, for a minor leaguer. Yes, the guy throws flames, but there was no guarantee of that. We have minor league players that can we can use, to get someone who is on the cusp of being really good. Take a chance !

Omar, be smart, if you’re going to make a trade, stop thinking with that New York mentality, and go back to your way of thinking, when you worked for the Expos. If you need to, talk to the Reds GM, Wayne Krivsky, that you now have under your wing. Obviously, he knew what he was doing ! Get us a Josh Hamilton !

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Jobu said...

This guy is awesome. He can play. With that said, He has admitted that he has one foot on the good side & one on the BAD side of the line. He reminds me of a friend in AZ. I would hate to have Josh in NYC on my team and have him relapse. Maybe NY isn't the greatest place for him to be. TOO MANY Temptations.

Just my 2 cents...