Saturday, September 20, 2008

Is Pedro Done?

Remember when Pedro was The Man? For a much needed win, Pedro was The Man. Don't feel bad if you don't remember. Those were the days up until, by not exceeding 2004.
Pedro hasn't been that marquee pitcher the Mets opted for back during the off season of 2004. It is understandable that he isn't the pitcher in 2008 that he was in 2003, 1996, or any other year prior to 2005.

I understand he can't be the same pitcher in 2008 that he was in 1998, but where Pedro is lost and Finished, is where and how he is failing.

Is there anyone out there that feels confident when “Petey” takes the mound? I sure don't. His walks are up, his innings pitched are down, runs allowed are up, strikeouts are down, etc. That all said, the most disconcerting thing for me is that when he gives up a big hit, or run, he looks defeated. He doesn't bring that aura of confidence to the mound he used to. He looks intimidated on the mound, instead of intimidating batters while he's pitching.

The Mets must make a decision, and quick. They have to come to the realization that Pedro is a liability,and they can't leave a must win game in his hands. This becomes more problematic if/when the Mets make the post season. The Mets can't expect Pedro, in a play-off game, to get that must win win.

Pedro has played an important part in building this team from an embarrassment to a contender. It is because of Pedro that Carlos Beltran is here, Billy Wagner is here, Fernando Martinez will be here, etc. But, as a pitcher, he has not panned out. Pedro helped put rumps in the seats at Shea, but he is incapable at this point in his career to be relied upon.
Unfortunately, it is time to cut this mango* from the tree, and realize it is time to move on from the Pedro era.

*"It actually made me feel really, really good," Martinez said. "I actually realized that I felt like somebody important, because I caught the attention of 60,000, plus you guys, plus the whole world, watching a guy that is, you reverse the time back 15 years ago, I was sitting under a mango tree without 50 cents to pay for a bus. And today, I was the center of attention of the whole city of New York. I thank God for that, and you know what? I don't regret one bit what they do out there.


Long Island Met Fan said...

It is tough to watch him fail start after start. The Mets are never able to overcome his early innings struggles. It is time for Pedro to hang it up.

Jobu said...

In a word...YES!!!