Saturday, September 20, 2008

Must Be The Music

Long Island Met Fan posted a great article here. He talks about music and what the Mets are having played as they step up to the plate.

In a previous life, Jobu was a DJ. Jobu believes in music as a huge motivator and feels that the right music can put a player in the correct frame of mind and psych them up into having a good day at the plate.

If a player is in a slump (David Wright), maybe some new music is in order. Hopefully Wright will have his tune changed when he returns home later this week.

Jobu would like to see comments from YOU the fans and what top 3 songs you would have the P.A. play when you stride up to the plate.

Jobu would choose the following:
Back in Black – AC/DC
Apache – The Sugar Hill Gang
Panama – Van Halen


metsfan73 said...

metsfan73, also a college radio station DJ in another life would use the three following, in no particular order:

For Thos About To Rock - AC/DC
Rock 'N' Roll - Led Zeppelin
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

Long Island Met Fan said...

A Dj here at my college station a long long long time ago.

Anything by Rush besides Tom Sawyer
High on you- Survivor
Anyway you want it- Journey