Monday, October 20, 2008

Citi Field Partial Plans for 2009

The Mets are planning to have partial plans for the upcoming 2009 season. Emails have gone out to 2008 partial ticket plan holders letting them know that in the upcoming weeks they will get more detailed information.

So far they have mentioned 2-40 game plans and 5-15 game plans. No costs have been mentioned as of yet.

A little bit of excitement for us to chew on as we wait for the World Series to start and end so we can see what player is going where.

Check out our previous post regarding various 2009 seat prices here
************Check the post of December 2nd Mets have updated there website with partial plan information including prices and schedules**** for prior plan holders right now*********************************
*******************See our December 27th post regarding dates of partial plans going on sale to the general public**********************


Anonymous said...

The letters say nothing about seniority. Do people who have had their partial plans longer than others have any preference as to when they can "choose" what they will do vis a vis 2009?

Morris63 said...

Sounds like Anonymous is in the same boat as me. I have had a ticket plan since '87 (my seats in Mezz 26 cost $11 each) but I'm not holding my breath waiting for them to show us any loyalty. The letter I received yesterday outlined a timeline for "purchase opportunity" prior to the general public based on your 2008 ticket package; then orders will be filled on a "best available" basis.
I eventually wound up in the Loge (Sec 10) and loved those seats but have no way of knowing what section at the "new Shea" is comparable. When I decided to get tickets before the '87 season I remember going to Shea in January to actually sit in the section they were offering. Wouldn't that be nice to do again?
The kicker to all this is that as mad as I may be I'm still going to get tickets (and they want FULL payment within days of your order!)

BCProf said...

This is anonymous with a new name. Just spoke to the ticket office. The times we have been given have nothing to do with seniority! They said that the better your seats (loge is better than mezzanine and, after that, your proximity to home plate- i.e. section 6 is better than Section 27) will determine who gets to order earlier. They also said that that should take care of the seniority issue as the seats closer to home plate have been taken for a long time. I began in Section 8 of the loge in 1985 and a few years ago moved to Section 6, and there are new partial plan holders every year. So much for the Mets view of seniority.
And what is best available? What if one doesn't agree with what they think is "best available?" What if one has two plans (Sat and Sun)? Why should we be in competition with fellow fans and under great pressure to make a decision?
But, as we all are addicts, we'll all try to buy tickets. By the way,
they've done away with the wonderful old system of odd numbered sections(1st base/right field) and even 3rd base /left field) with the numbers getting higher as you go further from home plate.