Sunday, November 23, 2008

Derek Lowe are the Mets getting cold feet?

In an article for the Daily News John Harper points out that Mets brass might have to re think there chance on getting Derek Lowe as a free agent starter due to many teams seeing him as a potential starter. The Yankees might make a big play for him if C C Sabathia and Burnett do not wind up Yankees. The Red Sox have interest and I'm sure since he played for them Lowe has mutual interest.

Well I say to the Mets brass what did you expect? Is this another showcase of how the Mets are not able to size up teams interest in players. There is talk about the Mets maybe showing interest again in the Rays Edwin Jackson or maybe Jon Garland of the Angels. I think the Mets need to step up to the plate and go after Derick Lowe!

Of course I am not saying the Mets should give him 5 years that is insane. I really don't think he will get that from any team. How though can you compare him to Jackson or Garland? Lowe is a Consistent pitcher that never gets hurt and can pitch in the post season. The Mets need a starter who will be placed in that rotation right behind Santana . The Mets need a proven starter especially with Maine coming off a shoulder ailment. It is not time for the Mets to fall into the pack it is time for the Mets after they sign a closer to go hard after Lowe. The guy produces results and that is what you need and expect in a top pitcher. Pay the man the money. You over paid for Pedro to come to NY before 2005.

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metsfan73 said...

AMEN! I couldn't agree more. In fact, I agree so much, that I think he fits the Mets better than Cha-Ching Sabathia.

The Mets need a bulldog who will take the ball every fifth day, and show this team HOW TO WIN.

Great points.