Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picking Up The Carter Cause

Ray McNulty - TC Palm has picked up the fight for Gary Carter. McNulty cites how well Carter has done as manager of the Gulf Coast League (Port St. Lucie) and the Independent Golden League (Orange County {California} Flyers), leading both organizations to championships.
McNulty wonders if Carter has been blackballed. Carter tends to have the same question, "I'm all about winning.I've proven I can manage and win."

As we here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan have posted (here, here, and here) , Carter had sent letters to 29 teams looking for work. He received only 10 responses, with no offers.

"I think I bring the package they'd be looking for -- good with players, good with the press and fans, a good organization guy," said Carter, who will visit the Treasure Coast Dec. 1 to co-host the annual Celebrities Fore Kids charity event at Hobe Sound Golf Club. "Frankly, I don't know what they're thinking at the major league level.

They are probably thinking about how you have, on two different occasions, gone to the Mets looking for the managers position while the Mets had a manager in place (Willie Randolph and Art Howe). They probably look at him as breaking that fraternity that Major League Managers belong to.

No one doubts Carter's ability, just his personality; self promoting, and at times, phoney. His own team mates were bothered by his vanity.


Long Island Met Fan said...
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Long Island Met Fan said...

Maybe one day Carter will realize that he is his own worst enemy. Then again maybe he won't