Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa Jinx?

Listening to WFAN – Benigno and Roberts, Evan Roberts brought up an interesting ‘phenomenon’. Met players who have played Santa at the team’s annual holiday party.

2004 - Kris Benson Santa – Anna Benson – Mrs.Claus goes Ho-Ho-Ho’in – Benson traded after the inappropriate attire of Mrs. Benson

2005 - Mike Cameron – Played Santa and had that horrific collision with Carlos Beltran

2007 - David Wright – couldn’t buy a hit last year in the clutch

2008 - Mike Pelfrey…

Could this be as bad as the Sports Illustrated Jinx?

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Long Island Met Fan said...

only issue with this is david wright never hits in the clutch in santa years and non santa years....stii love the guy though...