Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Apple Grows In Minnesota?

Those who have been Mets fans for 25 years or less, will not remember Shea Stadium without that famous/infamous/notorious Home Run Apple.

Upon moving to their new digs in Gil Hodges Memorial Park, er Citi Field, the Apple deteriorated, became rotted, so to speak.

Coming to the rescue were two companies located in Minnesota; Fiberglas Fabricators and the company Uni-systems have displayed team-work in creating a new apple for the Mets new home. "It was a very fun project, anytime you get to make a 19 ft diameter apple and watch it shoot in the air in three seconds is a lot of fun" says Mark Silvera of Uni Systems.
Mark Hagelberger of Fiberglas Fabr says, "Let's just say that it is a relief that it's altogether. There were a lot of challenges that we had to do in the process of building it."

The new apple, made of fiberglass, is about four times the size of the original apple, and weighs close to 6,000 lbs.

"I think we'll all have goose bumps when we see it go up, knowing that we were a part of that to build it", said Mark Hagelberger.


Long Island Met Fan said...

great story. I look forward to seeing the finished product at tax payer field

Doom2pro said...

Why dont you take a look at New Yankee Stadium before calling Citi Field "tax-payer field".

The Mets put alot of their own money into that project, the naming rights went to what at the time was a strong bank with a good future.

Get used to this.

Jobu said...

Very cool. I am interested to know how they are going to get the larger/heavier apple to pop out of the hat....stay tuned

saucy said...

they should've made it a Honey Crisp apple, coming from Minnesota...