Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mets fan say goodbye to Shea one last time in impromtu gathering

I had read about it the other day on the blog of NY Sports Dog. Met fans this afternoon would be gathering in the Shea parking lot around noon to have an unoffical goodbye to Shea since Shea is halfway to being demolished. I was planning to go to Queens to check a card show that was going to have former Mets Jon Matlack and Swannie so I figured I would check it out.

Well I was expecting a few die hard Met fans today on this freezing afternoon the day before the Superbowl. Well I was surprised to see that i would say over 100 people were in attendance when I arrived about 12:30. There were cops directing traffic. Channel 2 News was there. Reporters from the NY Post and the Times were there. Parents had brought there kids. There were Met fans young and old.

What was left of Shea was hard to see up close. I remember being there the last game walking away from Shea and seeing it lit up. Even though plenty of people seem to call it dump to me that night it was an awesome sight even though the team let us down.

The portion of Shea by the #7 train is gone. The left field ramp by gate A is gone. Met fans though walk around sharing stories and taking a ton of pictures. People stayed as long as they could being there was a nice steady wind by the right field side. Most Met fans said goodbye today to the only home they knew for there Team.


DyHrdMET said...

Today was something. I saw it on the other day. I didn't get onto the subway to go home until after 3pm. And I never made it to the 1B side of the ballpark (except for the subway platform).

I have my own reflection on the day with photos and videos coming later today to

metsfan73 said...

OUTSTANDING! Great job my friend, great job!