Saturday, February 28, 2009

Casey Fossum another lefty with # 47

I was watching the replay last night of the Mets Cardinals game and caught in the middle with the Mets behind at the time 4-3. When Keith and Gary were talking off on a tangent about something I was wondering about the pitcher that had Jesse's number that was on the mound. At least he was a lefty.

Casey Fossum was signed to a minor league contract on January 18, 2009. He was originally drafted 48th overall by the Boston Red Sox in 1999 out of Texas A&M University. He pitched last year for the tigers and was 3-1 with a ERA just under 5.

Noting that sticks out but he did pitch 2 innings last night and gave up only 2 hits . One to Mr Pujols.

Fossums delivery is old school. He has a quick delivery that brings the hands over the head and remind me a little of old time Met Matlack. The Mets signed Villone another lefty last night so we will see where Fossum winds up but you never know. He is not the #47 we remember and if you ask me if he makes the team needs to take another number.

Pic courtesy of NYfuture stars.


metsfan73 said...

There was another #47 lefty for the Mets more recently...Tom 'Not Devastated' Glavine.

Thanks Long Island Met Fan for not bringing him up. I was thinking about it yesterday when I saw him pitching, but once the nausea settled down, I figured it best not to travel down that 'non-devastating' road.

Long Island Met Fan said...

funny I don' remember him Glavine? does not ring a bell. :)