Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carter's Feelings Hurt

Former Met and current Hall Of Fame catcher, Gary Carter, feels he was 'snubbed' by the Mets

While interviewed on the Boomer & Carton program on WFAN, Carter in addressing if he was upset that Mike Piazza caught Seaver's ceremonial final pitch at Shea ,said, "Yeah, a little bit. I was a little surprised at the closing of Shea last year. I don't understand it.''

Carter thinks that when he turned down the Mets offer to manage at the AA level, thinks the Mets might have gotten fed-up with him: "When I turned it down, it's almost like they turned their backs to me,'' he said, adding that catching the final pitch at Shea or first at Citi "would have been very special.''

Never a fan of Carter's, and I was there when he was making his debut as Mets catcher in 1985, where he hit the game winning HR in the 10th against the Cardinals on opening day, he does have a point. Carter is an idiot, and a self promoting narcissist, but he does have a point. He was an integral part of the great Mets teams of the mid to late 1980's.

The problem is, Carter still doesn't realize his mistake of campaigning for Willie Randolph's job while Randolph was still employed by the Mets.

To hear the Carter interview on WFAN: Gary Carter On WFAN

Gary Carter On WFAN

Source: Source: Neil Best - Newsday


Long Island Met Fan said...

Carter is our version of A-rod the minute he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. The media hog would learn something if he would try just saying once " no comment"

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