Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Fanatic Following Of K-Wright

David Wright, more recently known as K-Wright is presently in a four way tie for second place in the Major Leagues for strike outs.

Wright, who has struck out 27 times in just 82 AB's is striking out once every three at bats.

We here at 24 Hours... are proud to be the first to report that K-Wright didn't strike out tonight.

As many have discussed, Wright's struggles this year are frustrating. More frustrating is that Wright is picking up where he left off last year, where he was incapable of getting a key hit when needed.

K-Wright is trying too hard, and has abandoned what made him a household name: hitting to RF. He is trying to pull everything, and is pulling his head off the ball. That along with chasing pitches out of the strike zone, caused by his pressing too hard, has turned K-Wright into a mediocre ball player.

Metsfan73's advice to K-Wright is simple:

  • Stop being the Mets spokesman. You talk a lot to the press, but say very little.

  • Stop being the King Of Endorsements.

  • Stop trying to be the media darling.

You have one responsibility - play baseball. You are trying too hard, and are being distracted by a hectic schedule.

It's time to get back to your roots. This team has been too complacent, and has accepted losing. With such asinine comments as "we battled hard", "It was a tough loss", etc. I am about ready to puke.

Two words for K-Wright and the Mets: Fundamental Baseball. It has become the long forgotten aspect for this team, and the proof is in the win-loss record.

The team allegedly looks to Wright for leadership. It's about time he showed leadership by playing fundamental baseball, and stop trying to pull everything over the 18' LF fence.

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