Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fernando Tatis vs David Wright. Who would you rather see at the plate?.

Did you catch yesterday when you saw one of the Mets get a 1 out single proceed to steal second and then break one Ramon Castro hit a single so he would get the green light by Razor Shines? Then he hits a home run to give the Mets the lead at the time and also at the time placed the Mets number1 pitcher in the position to win? David Wright you say? Of course not that was Fernando Tatis! The comeback player of the year who again is making the best of his playing time and hustling every chance he gets.

While David Wright deal with the boo birds and tinkering with swing which you can read about in this article over at the
NY Post Fernando Tatis is picking up where he left off last year before he was lost for the season when he injured his shoulder. This guy gives all every chance he gets. David Wright? Mr Clutch he is not. David grounded into a double play with 1 out yesterday and struck out in the 9th When all he had to do is squeak out a opposite field single and the Mets probably could have tied the game. Now Wright cant do it all the time but can he do it at all ?

Hey Jerry you like playing the hot hand all the time then make sure Fernando Tatis gets in the lineup . He makes things happen!

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