Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mets pitching off to a slow start. What is with all the walks?

As the Mets battle the Cardinals tonight and find themselves behind 5-1 in the 7th inning my question that begs an answer what is with the Mets and the starters? Besides Mr Johan this team starters are really struggling.

The record of the Mets last year after 14 games was 8-6 and after 26 games it was 14-12 . The Mets now look like will be 6-8 as they can not figure out the Pinero. As a Met fan you expect more of course but after last nights loss at least this team is not beating themselves tonight so far. My question with these starters is what is with all the walks and why are they afraid of Kahil Greene? The guy has like 90 walks in game and a half.

Johan has 5 walks in 19 innings . Maine has 9 walks in just under 15 innings . Mr confusion Ollie Perez has 12 walks in 15 innings Big Pelf has 6 walks in 10 innings .

The Mets cant not win games with all these walks so when you think of it with the errors in the outfield and the pitchers who can not find the plate the Mets will wish Johan pitches everyday. Lately I know I do.

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Eli From Brooklyn said...

I'd rather they collapse in April than in September.

Horrid Baseball 101!