Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Will Figueroa Return?

After Sunday’s respectable performance against the Brewers (6.0 IP, 5H, 3 Runs, 3 K’s), the Mets, in their infinite wisdom, designated Nelson Figueroa for assignment.

If he passes through waivers, he can either report to AAA Buffalo, or declare free agency. That is the question: if he clears waivers, why would Figgy want to come back? This is the team he rooted for growing up, and when he got a start last summer, he said it was ‘a dream come true.’ The Mets bounced him between the bigs and the minors last year, and he still performed however the Mets needed him – whether it was to spot start or to be the long man out of the bullpen. Has John Maine or Oliver Perez really earned the right to be beyond reproach? Figgy is no Cy Young, but he truly loves being a Met, and gives his all when called upon.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he passes through waivers, and declares free agency. He was very hurt when the Mets designated him. On his blog site, his wife wrote, in part, of her, "anger ... at a situation that makes me want to scream and to cry," Alisa Figueroa said of her husband, "Nelson is upset. He did what is asked of any starting pitcher in baseball -- he gave them a quality start and kept them in the game. He did not expect to be told that wasn't good enough and that they needed to make a move and he was that move. He expected more than one day in the big leagues this time around."

She continued, "When he called after the game I said, 'What's up?'" And he said, 'It's not what's up, it's who's down. They just designated me.' I sat in complete shock. I had no words. The feeling of complete numbness entered my body. I think I sputtered, 'I'm so sorry' and Nelson said, 'Yeah, I need to call you later.' I didn't want him to call because I didn't know what to say."

Figueroa has handled himself well in his time in NY. I just hope the Mets will reward that with more respect, but I have a funny feeling that he will not be back with the Mets. If he isn’t claimed off waivers, I think he might opt for free agency. Can you blame him?

Brian Costa - The Star Ledger

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Long Island Met Fan said...

he should understand since the big pelf would not be dl that if he pitched decent that they could not have him take a spot of someone like Casey Fossum who showed his worth last night by walking someone on 4 pitches...