Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ugly loss for the Mets.

Last night the teams play just got so bad you had to shut it off. It was a train wreck to watch Daniel Murphy fall down on a ball hit to him. This is right after Beltran does not slide on a close play at the plate that Molina would have had no shot of tagging Beltran if he slide. If Beltran scores Reed replaces Murphy in left field and possibly no error occurs which Ron Darling pointed out.

We all know that Murphy can hit but his fielding has been sub par to say the least with not hitting the right cut off man to lousy throws. He needs to stop concentrating on hitting and go full tilt on fielding because the Mets will not be able to run him out there constantly if he will cost games.

Last nights game was worse then watching the Bad news bears . The Mets were pathetic and Ollie was as usual not consistent to stop the Cardinals. He refused to challenge hitters in the 4th and 5th innings especially Kahil Greene.

The Mets have the talent and need to start playing like a team that has talent. A .500 team is not how we want to spend our summer watching.


metsfan73 said...

Time for General Manuel to go Gangsta on the boyz.
There have been at least three games this year the Mets have lost due to poor fielding and poor fundamentals.

Jobu said...

i"m gonna go gangsta on someone if they don't wake up & win the games they should!!!!