Friday, May 29, 2009

Mets need Sheffield to become leader? I do not think so.

In an interesting column from Wallace Matthews at he lets us know that Gary Sheffield has been a positive clubhouse presence. Matthews goes on to actually apologize about previous comments about the slugger.

So let me get this straight. Am I hearing this right? Matthews in the same article has shown someone in a positive light as well as saying he his sorry?
Did I miss something here? Are there locusts near? Is the Apocalypse on the horizon.

Wow I never thought I first would see Mr Matthews show any positive light especially on someone he called back in April a “clubhouse cancer”

Honestly though I think that Sheff has done a bang up job for the Mets on the field The Mets do not need him to lead in the clubhouse. Let him lead by example at the plate by keeping himself feared by opposing pitchers.

In between Beltran and Wright he can really help them with just continuing to hit. Let Wright for once show his clout in the clubhouse and Sheff just keeps wiggling that bat!

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