Friday, May 29, 2009

Where are they now: Tom Seaver no hitter nemesis Jimmy Qualls

It might be is only claim to fame when it comes to baseball but no can forget the trivia answer to this question. Who broke up Tom Seaver’s no hitter back in 1969?

It was Cubs utility man Jimmy Qualls . If you have a moment check out the latest on Qualls from this article over at

40 years later Mr Qualls is living in relative obscurity in a town in Illinois. He had 31 hits in his major league career and none no famous then the one against Seaver that broke up a no hitter in the top of the 9th

He mentions in the article that he would do an autograph session with Seaver any time for free. Later that season they crossed paths and Seaver always the professional said "You little (runt)," Seaver told him. "You cost me a million bucks!" Ah the franchise. Nice to see he has been consistent in his personality over the last 40 years the pompass……..

July 9th is less the 2 months away which would be 40 years from that faith full game . Love to see a reunion of the 2 and just watch Seaver seeth next to Mr Qualls ! Priceless!

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