Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Awaiting News on Carlos Beltran : The Kiss of Death

As Mets fans call for someone head on a platter on the local airwaves this morning the Mets and there fans wait on news on Carlos Beltran and his second opinion in Colorado.

Of course with reading the possibilities that some of the media has written, we hope for once that the Mets crack medical staff has it correct. Just a bone bruise.

If the Mets lose Beltran for any length of time we can tell Mr Met we will see him in 2010. This microfracture surgery that Carlos might need will render him to the DL for the remainder of this year and beyond. It is also possible that he might not be the same player he was if he needs surgery on his knee.

Of course at this point Carlos probably already knows what the diagnosis is. Maybe the Mets do as well. Will there be Omar in front of a podium today? I really hope not. I am not ready to kiss 2009 goodbye!

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DyHrdMET said...

fortunately, it worked out with Beltran's visit in Colorado. but as I remember an episode of Family Guy with Peter and Death (since you put up the picture of them from the show), Peter did have the chance to re-do it a few times before getting it right. is there a parallel here? don't you wish there was one?