Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The More I See Reyes, The More I Miss Reyes

Last night Reyes started at SS and batted leadoff! Fantastic! Oh, it was Argenis...

Reyes, batting leadoff, was a stellar 0-5, dropping his league leading avg. to .083. Possibly a league worst leading...

For all those Jose Reyes detractors - you know the one who wears #7 and bats lead-off, usually leads the league in triples and stolen bases - , one of which I am not, how badly do you miss him now?

Argenis Reyes might be a nice complementary second baseman to Jose Reyes, while the Mets are healthy, but when they are such a M*A*S*H unit, Reyes doesn't deserve to be on the pro level.

I have been a Jose Reyes supporter since the day he first stepped on the field, and I haven't changed my opinion. Yes, he has mental lapses and needs to mature, but there isn't a player in the game who can electrify a game and a team the way he can. He can single handedly change the outcome of a game with his sheer speed and hustle. How badly does this team need him?

I won't "knock" Argenis, he is doing the best he can. That is what is so terrifying. If his best is a .083 Avg., then this team hasn't begun to see the complete belly flop that is about to begin. A bigger question is why is he batting leadoff? I would have put Sheffield at leadoff before Argenis. I know Jerry doesn't have much to work with, and half of his players should be playing twice a week, not six or seven times per week, but he has to MANAGE the situation better.

On a brighter note, Fernando Martinez, after going 2-5, raised his batting avg. to .183.

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Long Island Met Fan said...

combine F Marts average and Argensis Reyes avg and then you have something. When you start off a game with A Reyes leading off you just wish he could get on at least once!