Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Below .500 oh joy

Now we can spend the day saying , oh if we win we are back to .500. Does it matter. I mean we have Argenis Reyes batting lead off. We have Fernando Tatis playing second in a double switch. Brian Stokes giving up a grand slam to the guy who just gave us life the inning before. Then of course David Wright getting another meaning less hit in the 9th inning to drive in a run. Now for the last week everyone is like the Mets need to make a trade. Of course though with every loss the price goes up.

Now we hear rumblings about Beltrans second opinion. If its serious will he have to go to season ending surgery. The Mets are now 3 games out and in 3rd place.

What to do? If the Mets make a trade it needs to be big because 1 player is not going to cut it . Especially if we do not see Beltran coming back for weeks at a time. Adam Rubin jokingly makes a comment today that the Mets should sell. Hmmm is it a joke?

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