Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can 6 games define a season? Happy Anniversary to 24 hours 1 year!

The Mets start a quick home stand against the first place Phillies and then on the road for a long trip to the Bronx to start interleague play. Can these 6 games make or break the Mets?

The one thing you notice about this team is even with losing Delgado and Reyes they have been able to keep there heads above water. They are 30 and 25 and compared to last year they were 28 and 27 after coming off 4 loses to the Padres. Now the Mets have the bullpen but just lack the offensive power. The Mets face 3 lefties when they play the Phillies and in small samples they have done well against lefties which I will document in my next post.

Can the mets hold it together while they play teams now that are at the tops of there respective leagues? Will you call 3-3 against the Mets and Phillies a victory?

On a Side note just a quick recognition of the fact that this blog has been going strong now for 1 year. We here at 24 hours are pretty passionate Met fans. I think I can say we bleed orange and blue. We felt it was a fun way to engage other peoples opinions about the team that we live and die for.

Back on June9 th, 2008 we cobbled together our first post which you can check out here. We had fun when the Mets change managers by Firing Willie Randolph. We say our team have great highs like when Carlos Beltran hit a grand slam against the Marlins last august. Of course losing the last game at Shea was tough to say the least.

We enjoy our features with talk me off the ledge and where are they now and love the feedback we get on them.

I just want to thank Mets Fan 73 and Mr Jobu and everyone that spends any time on this site for there dedication to our beloved Mets even if they drive us insane most of the time.

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metsfan73 said...

It has been a blast for me, and I look forward to many more years of more of the same enjoyment.

One year and 29K+ hits might not be much for other Mets blog sites, but it is still something I am immensely proud of.