Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will Jerry Manuel make good on his promise and play Church and F Mart against the lefties? I wouldn’t.

Jerry loves to talk to the Media. It is quite entertaining . He always has a good quote and always seems to tell them more then he needs too. He did say leading into this series that he plans to play Ryan Church and possibly Fernando Martinez so he can see what the boy can do. Then he heard that the Phillies will be throwing 3 lefties. I wouldn’t and here is why.

I can live with Ryan playing even if he is hitting .125 against lefties at Shea Nu. Just do not play him and F Mart in the same game. F Mart looked pretty lousy against a lefty on the road. Hey Jerry I know the stats are minimal at best but you should play Tatis and Sheffield. Check out there stats against lefties at Cit Field aka Shea Nu.

Gary Sheffield is hitting .318 in 25 at bats with 2 homers.
Fernando Tats is hitting .389 with 10 rbis in 18 at bats.

Like I said a small sample but Tatis could use the at bats to gain more confidence since lefties at Citi seem to be to is liking. Actually Beltran and Wright like lefties at Citi Field too

Beltran is hitting .348 in 28 at bats and Wright is hitting is hitting .350 in 20 at bats. Yes small samples but the Mets need to get on base if there not going to hit homers.

Why have guys in the lineup that struggle against lefties when you have guys that are clearly doing pretty good against them.

Of course who is doing the best against lefties at Citi Field? Can you believe Luis Castillo is hitting .429 in 21 at bats? I guess he is not totally useless.

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