Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will the Phillies blow saves this week now that they place Brad Lidge on the DL ? Tatis in the Lineup

The Phillies placed Brad Lidge on the DL before tonight’s game. He seems to have a sprained knee . Tom McCarthy was on WFAN earlier and said he spoke to Charlie Manuel who mentioned that Lidge is not able to drive off his leg. That is why is fastball has no life. His strikeouts are way down this year. This almost makes me want to see the Mets behind late to see what the Phillies bullpen does? Explode? That would be a treat!

Jerry Manuel's Mets have Castillo, Cora,Beltran,Sheffield,Wright,Tatis gets the start at First and he is followed by Church and Santos with Johan Santana batting 9th.

I can live with this lineup. Lets see it produce. Lets hope they get the game in since the weather in NY has been pretty lousy all day!


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