Friday, June 5, 2009

Carlos Betran speaks his mind.Why didn't Jose Reyes get checked earlier?

Wow. The Man gets violently ill loses 5 lbs and comes back and wails one over the fence. He also slapped a double his first time up . Then the reserve guy in the club house speaks his mind after the loss .Is Carlos Beltran on a mission?

It is really nice to see Beltran step up like he has. The Media has been speaking about how David Wright, the so called face of the franchise needs to take hold of this team. He cant get a hit when it counts. Right now he stinks. So Kudos for Beltran for being the Man now and actually backing it up.

Beltran said after the game that he was embarrassed about the sweep. You can read the rest of his comments here. Good he should be . The entire team should be embarrassed they just came off winning 7 out of there last 9 when they rolled into Pittsburgh . They had Santana pitching and Pelfrey there , cough cough , number 2 starter and they could not get it done.

Maybe if David Wright actually got a rbi when it was meaningful. Or how about a homerun. Daniel Murphy has more home runs then Wright but he still sits in a RBI spot so he can strike out with runners on.

Jose Reyes has a slight tear in his hamstring? Um hello why was this not checked when it happened? Why does the Medical staff just continue to listen to the players. These guys love to play so there going to lie through there teeth. Look at Putz . Oh I found a flaw in my mechanics. Please I am no medical professional and I knew from the start that shot he took of cortisone wore off cause the man needs surgery! If anyone needs to be fired its the Mets medical staff and conditioning coaches. Stop listening to these players!


metsfan73 said...

Amen! From your lips to God's ears. Well done Carlos. Great post.

BrotherGee said...

Pressure to play comes primarily from Ownership. Pursuant to this "silent directive", Training Staff will attempt to put a Band-Aid on a Bullet-hole if a player does not object.

A secondary consideration is the incentive-laden contracts in which "Games Played" are always a major factor.

Onwership, Training staff are complicit in driving their talent to the DL. Players are victims of their creatively-constructed, incentive-laden contracts.

A mess, all-round.

~~ G