Sunday, June 7, 2009

Going To Church On Sunday

Ryan Church. Remember him? The starting RF that started sometimes...Church was activated from the DL yesterday, and is expected to start for the Mets in RF today.

Speaking of his journey to the disable list Church said, “We didn’t have that luxury. That’s what they told me the day before — there’s a possibility of going on because we need to get some able bodies up here.”

Church said he thought only a few days off would have helped him, but due to all the other injuries, the Mets needed to DL him to get some able bodies on the roster. Church admitted it would have been difficult to play through his injury.

This raises another interesting point: What becomes of Fernando Matinez? Manuel would like to keep him on the roster, especially with series against the Phillies and Yankees on tap. He said, “This will be a good time to evaluate him, but we just don’t feel like we’ve had enough time to do that.”

Chris Hine - NY Times

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