Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey David Wright time to change your Philosophy again!

4 home runs. The man who has hit 30 over the last couple of years has 4. 3 of those homers are at Citi Field and 1 on the road. If you have watched Wright you can tell that he is more in tune to spraying the ball.
Of course there was speculation that it was done due to the dimensions of pitcher friendly to the extreme ballpark the Mets play in now.

Well of course Wright came out this weekend when he spoke on the airwaves that he changed his Philosophy to be a gap to gap hitter. Well David time to change it again. How about hitting the ball over the left field wall. Did you see Nick Swisher do it? If not did you see Jorge Posada do it? Did you see the ball Jeter hit off the wall? Yes I know your more of an opposite field hitter and balls go to die by the bullpen some 400+_ft away. Why can’t you just hit the ball down the left field line? Lift the ball and hit it to left field. It is called pulling the ball. If you need me to I will send you a video. Why do we need these bubble heads to change to a Philosophy that does not work? He has been stuck on 39 rbi’s it seems since May. Yes I know there are 3 guys out of the lineup. Why though just give up hitting a 4 bagger?

Yes David you can hit homers here Do you want to be a number 2 hitter now? Time to change and pull the ball. If Ho Jo can’t help then he needs to go because I am sorry your choice right now stinks.

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