Monday, June 29, 2009

The Wasted Summer of 2009.

Wow that was fun. There is nothing like watching your team over a weekend series and when you look for the positives you just have to let out a laugh like Jerry Manuel did in his post game interview. He was mentioning that he needs to find offense with who he has and one of the reporters commented “where?” Jerry let a huge laugh. Which if you listen on the radio waves this morning people were upset from that. I am like the guy is under a lot of stress and just let out a laugh because the comment was funny. Let it go.

Jerry has said that .500 is a benchmark and you can now here comments in the clubhouse regarding the need for the Mets to add a hitter which you can read about at the NY Daily News .

Well the season started out bright but with all these injuries what happens day in and day out can be tough. We have David Wright who has giving up hitting anything in the air/long balls and is only spraying the ball for singles and doubles. We have Daniel Murphy having mental lapses trying to make a bang bang play and then dropping a throw on a double play. The game was over right in that first inning.

Of course the icing on the cake is the walk to Rivera. We finally had some decent weather here in NY for a change this weekend. Of course now we head to Milwaukee so we can see Gump smiling at the teams misfortunes.

The line that we have just hold the line until the big guys come back is just not cutting it. Hey Omar either do something or sell. 4-6 more weeks of this and this will be just the longest season the Mets have had in a long time. Don’t waste our summer Omar.

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