Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oliver Perez pitches well in Brooklyn: No Ryan Church Tonight.

Oliver Perez only walked 1 batter in his start today for the Brooklyn Cyclones. He pitched 5 innings , struck out 6 and gave up only 2 hits. It is only rookie ball but I am looking at the fact he only walked one batter. No word on his next start as of yet.

Ryan Church was scratched from tonight's lineup. Probably due to the illness that was going on around the Yankee Clubhouse.

The Mets will have Daniel Murphy leading off tonight. Followed by Cora, Wright, Sheffield, Tatis , F Mart, Schneider, Castillo and good ole Livan Hernandez.

Maybe we can get 1 win this weekend and double the 4 hit attack we have had over the last 2 games. Anybody?

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metsfan73 said...

Six hits maximum from this line-up FMart will once again be shown up, getting no hits, and striking out twice, dropping his avg to (about) .153.
Steve Phillips will wax poetic how he would have traded FMart for Matt Holliday, and the Mets OF and hitting woes would have been solved. Joe Morgan will comment what a great SS Matt Holliday is, and Jon Miller will just be his holly-jolly self.