Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Field Advantage at Citi Field ? Not for Carlos Beltran or David Wright.

The Mets come home for a 3 game series against the rivals Phillies starting on Tuesday. Usually home field means that the Mets have the upper hand playing in there home ball park. Well don’t look at David Wright or Carlos Beltran the Mets core for tearing it up at home cause there aren’t.

The 2 Mets sluggers, and I use the term loosely are not yet using the Mets new home to there advantage. The 2 hitters are hitting .342 and .340 so far this season but at home Carlos Beltran is hitting .291 with 2 homers and 11 rbi’s and David Wright is hitting only .270 at Citi Field.

The one stat that seems alarming for Mr Wright is the fact that he has 96 at bats at home and has struck out 34 times . That means 35% of the time he comes to bat at Citi Field he strikes out. 62% of his strike outs have happened at Citi Field. Is it that he is pressing or is he not seeing the ball? Whatever it is for the Mets to beat the Phillies they need to get some big hits out of Beltran and Wright. David needs to just do what he did in Washington this weekend. Drive the ball the other way.

Who is tearing it up at home for the Mets? Umm none other then everybody’s early season target Luis Castillo who is hitting .366 in 71 at bats. Does that just make you shake your head?

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