Monday, June 1, 2009

I love Gary Cohen but…….

I am kind of a late entry when it comes to the Mets fan turned broadcaster Mr Gary Cohen. I really never listened to him on the radio. If I did there was nothing that I can say oh wow I remember that call or that play. So I kind of just know him from the SNY broadcasts. I find his knowledge of useless Mets information right on par with my fellow blogger here Mets Fan 73. The 2 of them can pull things out of nowhere that usually leave me going what? Like you have hear of Mark Clark? Yes I am a Met fan for over 30 years but certain names escape me. Mac Scarce anyone? A Phillies trade if I recall.

Anyway Mr Cohen always likes to point out items in the broadcast that I prefer he didn’t. He always has a knack of saying something about a streak or point of reference and right after it something happens that goes negatively against the Mets.

Like something small as simply as John Maine has not had a 2 ball count on anyone. Yes ok so what that last a pitch the other day? Or how about the fact the Mets Angel Pagan was doing well since being called up. He was seeing more pitches, getting on base. The fact he looks really comfortable in CF . Of course then we have to hear for the 400th time since he got called up about the catch in LA. Then boom groin injury. How about the fact that Gary Sheffield had 6 games in a row that he had an rbi. Boom nothing in the 7th game.

Yes this is a small sample but I know I am not the only one here that sees a pattern. Gary is an awesome play by play guy. Sometimes I just wish he would just let the game play and not feel the need to comment about everything.


metsfan73 said...

Is it you don't like the trivial points he makes, or is the real reason is that you are superstitious, and feel that by mentioning something it is destined to go against them?
Don't feel bad, when I used to play ball (all those moons ago), I used to wear the same socks for a game (yes, they were washed), and I've never considered myself superstitious.
When I was older, and playing softball, I wore my Mets socks for every game, never would I shave on game day, and wore the same tank top under my uniform jersey. BUT I WASN'T SUPERSTITIOUS!

Jobu said...

superstitious...I agree with LI Mets fan. My wife screams when Gary says something, because everytime the streak ends, or the person inquestion doesn't reach base or lets in his first run in 30 or so innings....when does it end..Gary...shut up and stop jinxing us...By the way I love Gary, Keith, & Ron, but stop putting the maloke on the team.