Friday, June 5, 2009

If Jose Reyes is out until the All Star Break what should the Mets do ? Get an outfielder of course!

The minute someone gets injured everybody panics. It boarders on riduclous with how some fans react . So now with Jose Reyes on the verge of being out for a couple of weeks now everyone wants the Mets to go get a shortstop. I say get an outfielder.

The Mets will do fine with Alex Cora and any suitable back up at short. Cora as Manuel has said is not an everyday player but the Mets can use who they have to back him up as long as Cora has no setbacks with his thumb. We are not talking the rest of the season here.There is no reason to waste any chips to get a fill in for a couple of weeks. Mark DeRosa is certainly not the answer and David Eckstein at this point is hitting .243 and is more suited for 2nd base.

The Mets need to be smart and look at the big picture. With the Braves adding a Centerfielder to there mix who can hit they now have a pretty nice lineup. The Cardinals have been talking about adding a bat in there lineup. The Mets need to add a bat regardless if Delgado comes back in the time he is expected too. Why? Cause David Wright lost his mojo. He has 3 home runs .The team need a person that play the outfield and give Sheffield the time off he needs at 40 years old. He was not signed to play everyday. He was signed as cheap bat off the bench and he has been that. Now though he is batting 4th and has puttered out the last couple of days.

The Mets need to add punch to the line up since Wright has not grown up yet. He is no leader. Did I say he has 3 homeruns? He adds way too much pressure to himself and it costs the team key hits. I would love to see the Mets get a bat and have Wright dropped to 6th in the order.

The Mets needs to find a diamond in the rough out there. Not Matt Holliday who I am sure the A’s would unload but they would fleece the Mets in a trade for sure.

Whatever the Mets do they need to do something. Like the Braves did . Hit when no one expects it. This way you might actually get something of value and not a rental.

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