Tuesday, June 2, 2009

J J Putz this years Aaron Heilman.

There I said it. I would say Sean Green could fit the bill but the Mets have buried him in the bullpen. He is behind Randy Nieman the Mets bullpen coach on the depth chart.

J J Putz last 2 outings have been dismal to say the list. May 31st against the Marlins 2 earned
runs and 2 hits in 1/3 of inning. Last night he was worse. He could not even get an out. 3 runs on 4 hits. So in the last 2 appearances he has given up 5 runs and 6 hits and recorded 1 out!!!

After last nights game Jerry Manuel was asked whats wrong with Putz and he couldn't’t not put a finger on it. J J said they hit strikes. Well if you pitch down the middle that is what happens. Brian Schneider said his signature pitch was high in the strike zone. Putz obviously has to be hurt. He was fine after his cortisone shot but the effect of it has not helped. He was pathetic last night.

I can’t get on the Mets for losing last night because there were many times this year already I thought they would lose a game late and with the bullpen they held it. If Putz is not hurt he needs to find his “mojo “ fast because he will become the Mets goat pretty quickly if he keeps this up.

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