Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are we nearing the end of the Daniel Murphy era?

Last year and the first part of 2009 all you heard was how the Mets love Mr. Daniel Murphy. He has patience he can spray the ball. He can hit for average. Now here we are close to 50 games into the season and there is talk that now Mr Daniel Murphy could go in a trade for an outfielder or a first baseman or be sent down to the minors.

The man who could do no wrong is hitting .243 and except for his 5 rbi game has been pretty silent with the bat. He even mentioned that he was happy with his sacrifice the other night seen he did something positive to help the club. He has done much better at first base but how long can he survive taking up a roster spot?

He isn’t the only one that needs to get his act together because Mr comeback player of the year last year Mr Tatis has fallen this year as well. Last time I check he was 0 for ever when it comes to getting a hit with runners in scoring position. Of course the Mets owe him some loose change but I do not see him going anywhere.

People are saying the Mets need to find someone to play first with Delgado out. I am like let it go. The Mets are only 1.5 games out of first and if not for Mr Putz last night it would be only a half game out. Personally I would rather see them go after an outfielder. With Sheff now experiencing some leg issues the Mets could use another hand in the outfield with some punch. F Mart should go back to triple aaa . I like what he has done but there is no reason for fans to place it on him to get the big hit.

When it comes to Mr Murphy, let him stay for now and if worse comes to worse send him down to Buffalo. Do not trade him . He still can be asset for this team .

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metsfan73 said...

Agree 100%. Sheffield wasn't (or shouldn't have been) brought on to be an everyday player.