Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gimme a break Carlos Beltran out again Marries commode.

Ok enough already. 3 games due to the fact he needs to be attached to the local commode? For crying out loud he has no stomach flu he has something that is alive and breathing up there. Give the man a diaper and lets get on the field.

I have never in my 40 something years have been sidelined for 3 days due to something I ate or drink? Do we need to test the water over there at Citi Field? I heard that some of the Marlins were sidelined for a day or 2 with the same issue in flushing over the weekend.

There are over the counter meds the poor Beltran can take that will take care of his problem in no time. Do I need to send you some poor Carlos?

I am sorry but you know what maybe he has something bigger then a stomach virus. Whatever it is can you please be a man and get out on the field and stop making love to the porcelain goddess!

Tonight’s lineup courtesy of Imodium

Castillo, F. Martinez, Wright, Sheffield, Tatis, Santos, R. Martinez, Reed, Santana

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