Wednesday, June 3, 2009

As The Stomach Turns...

John Ricco, the Mets Assistant General Manager, has confirmed that an employee of SNY, who hasn't been named, was sent home due to "flu like symptoms."

With John Maine and Carlos Beltran experiencing stomach virus problems, this is just another malady to affect this team.

The team has not said, nor implied that the SNY employee has the swine flu, but nonetheless, has been sent home for tests.

Maine, who was removed from Sunday's game, has said he feels "marginally better", and is expected to make his next start in Washington on Friday.

Beltran's case is a little more precarious. Beltran has been tested for an ulcer, and the team is awaiting the results. He has been unable to digest food, and along with his extended absence, might pose a problem when he does return, due to the weakened state he is in.

Jose Reyes is expected to be activated from the DL on Friday. The Mets want him to play in two extended Spring games, but the game yesterday was rained out. Manuel still expects to have Reyes back by Friday.

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