Thursday, June 4, 2009

JJ Putz'd Down

Jerry Manuel spoke with their 'setup man' JJ Putz before yesterday's scheduled game, which was ultimately postponed by rain.

Manuel spoke with Putz to inform him that rookie Bobby Parnell will be replacing Putz as the eighth inning set-up man. Putz will be moved to a 7th inning reliever until he can "re-discover his form."

Manuel has indicated that this isn't a permanent move, only a temorary move until JJ fixes what's wrong. Said Putz, "I watched some film today, and we think we've found a pretty big, glaring mechanical flaw that's kind of slowly progressed, maybe even through last year.I think we're going in the right direction."

As for the reduction of status in the bullpen, Putz added, "When you get into those pressure-packed situations, you really don't have a chance to work on anything. All you're really trying to do is figure a way to get somebody out. Maybe, by taking a step back, you're allowed to kind of pitch with a clear head and really think about what you're doing as opposed to just trying to think about getting a guy out."

Below is the audio from Putz after his poor outing on Monday against the Pirates:

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Long Island Met Fan said...

If he has found a flaw and corrects it and he is able to locate his fastball etc Great! If he still gets shelled he needs to get the surgery done for the bone spur issue now!