Wednesday, June 17, 2009

K-Rod's Gutsy Performance

The more I see this guy pitch, the more I feel he is as gutsy a reliever as this team has ever had. Last night K-Rod came in to rescue Bobby Parnell, who got into a jam.

K-Rod walked the first batter faced, and then he bared down. A run scored on a fielder's choice, but did you really think he was going to let this one slip away? Honestly, I wasn't worried. He is, along with Johan, the gutsiest player on this team.

I loved the way he continues to not only challenge, but fool batters on a nightly basis. He will throw any pitch at any time in the count. I loved how he challenged the Baltimore hitters with fastballs. Ty Wigginton, a dead fastball hitter, was challenged before walking (on a controversial ball four). The final batter Rodriguez faced was Adam Jones, and K-Rod challenged and beat the kid. Started him off with fastballs, with no fear nor concern. He has the attitude, 'here's my best. Now try and beat me.'

From this point on, I will refer to Rodriguez as 'Pelotas'...'Balls'. He is just that, ballsy, and I love it!

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Long Island Met Fan said...

i thought Wiggy would have his number since he has faced him before. He should have been called out on that swing. Usually its automatic!